Airdate: 11 October 1980
Starring: Nicholas Ball, Rachel Davies
Guest Stars: Brian Croucher, Pat Maynard
Screenplay by: David Lloyd
Directed by: Tom Clegg


William and Emma Peters, along with their daughter Sophia, purchase a property. The previous owner killed his wife by poisoning, and then mutilating the body.

The very first day they move into the house strange things start to happen. Sophie notices a hole in the wall with blood oozing from it. When her father takes a look at it, all he can see is some rusty water.

They get friendly with their neighbours, George and Jean Evans. While they are there one day, knives start to turn up. They are the same sort of knives that were used to mutilate a body by the previous occupant. According to the Evanses, the police were supposed to have taken everything away.

One day, Sophie goes to feed her cat some milk. She goes upstairs but cannot find it anywhere. Eventually, she goes downstairs and there lying on the window-ledge is Timmy, with his neck badly lacerated, having caught himself on a sharp edge of the windowpane. Sophie screams.

That night William buries the cat in the garden while Sophia looks on through her bedroom window.

It soon becomes apparent to William and Emma that something terrible happened in their house, something that their neighbours were reluctant to tell them. A newspaper catalogues the terrible events when Albert Clements butchered his wife’s body in what has become known as “The house of blood”.

At Sophia’s birthday party, she opens one of her presents only to find the two knives used by the previous occupant to murder his wife. Later on, William tries to fix a blockage in the house’s water system. The pipes in the house start to vibrate loudly and then suddenly liquid gushes through the ceiling and blood drenches all the children at the party.

Mrs Peters has a nervous breakdown and is admitted into hospital. Their neighbours visit her only to find that she left in the middle of the night.

Epilogue: The story ends with William and Emma Peters relaxing beside the pool of an LA mansion. William apologises to Emma for putting her through such an ordeal but says it was worth it for the payment they received from Mr Powers, the so-called estate agent who wrote a book all about the house that bled to death and made a fortune selling the movie rights.

Sophia opens an old suitcase in which we see knitting needles, a doll and some knives. William and Emma are in bed when Sophie walks in. William tells her to get out, but Sophie just walks up to him only to lash out with one of the ornamental knives. Emma’s face is splattered with blood.


The Actors


A.J Powers