For a long time, it seemed as though a Blu ray version of the series, The Hammer House of Horror, would not be available as the original 35mm negatives that the series was shot on could not be located. The negatives must have been found somewhere because now the entire 13 episodes are now available in glorious High-Definition. The picture quality is of stunning quality and it is amazing when you think that this series was produced way back in 1980.


Below is a screenshot from the Blu Ray version, and it gives you some idea of the picture quality you can expect from the purchase:-


There are a number of special features available with this edition and they are itemised below:-

[] Guardian of the Abyss – Widescreen Version
[] Commercial Break Stings
[] Rude Awakening Opening Montage Raw Takes
[] Image Gallery
[] PDF Material
The initial pressings include a limited edition soft-touch lamination O-card with a double hit of Pantone red. Vivid, mysterious, deep… yet velvet to the touch!