Airdate: 18 October 1980
Starring: Leigh Lawson, Angela Bruce
Guest Stars: Marius Goring, Frances Cuka, David Healey
Screenplay by: Bernie Cooper and Frances Megahy
Directed by: Robert Young



At a country manor, uncle Jack is fixing the television aerial on the roof. After losing his footing, he falls from the roof to his death.

His nephew, Graham, receives his share of his late uncle’s estate, and among some of the valuables is an African fetish doll. His girlfriend, Sarah, is strangely fascinated by it and christens it “Charlie Boy”.

On the way back to his residence, Graham is so preoccupied talking about the new production company he wants to set up that he loses concentration driving and cuts a man up. The villainous looking scar-faced man does not take too kindly to this, and after a series of erratic movements with his car, he nearly kills Graham.

Relaxing back at his home and still a bit perturbed by the actions of the scar-faced man, Graham picks up the fetish doll and jokingly plunges a dagger into it imagining it to be Mr Scarface. At the same time, Mr Scarface is being stabbed and roughed up by two heavies and then left for dead.

When his brother, Mark, reneges on a promise that he would stump up half the cash for a production company they were going to set up with Phil, a director, Graham is furious with rage. He takes a photograph with Mark in the frame and stabs at the image of his brother while the African fetish doll is close by.

Later, Graham learns that his brother has died in a freak horse riding accident.

When Phil also dies in another freak accident while on a film set, Graham believes that the fetish doll is exerting a malevolent influence. He relates this to Sarah and tells her that people are dying in the order they appear on the photograph. When she shows him an article in a newspaper about a scar-faced man being killed, he becomes more convinced than ever and believes that it is Gwen, uncle Jack’s housekeeper, who will die next.

Graham finds Gwen dead in the bath having committed suicide.

Graham rushes to see Heinz, his late uncle’s friend and antique dealer. He tells Graham that the only way to stop the evil is by burning the fetish.

In a drastic turn of fortune, Charlie Boy and the rest of Graham and Sarah’s flat has been stolen leaving Graham frantic to hunt down the whereabouts of Charlie Boy. Heinz thinks he knows who may have stolen the fetish and gives Graham the details.

When Graham retrieves the fetish, he speeds home to burn it before anything happens to Sarah. On his way home, he passes a road traffic accident unaware that Sarah has been killed. Back at the flat, he goes down into the basement to set a fire. He douses the wood in petrol and sets it alight. Graham grabs Charlie Boy from the stairs but then trips, falls and impales himself on the damnable fetish. He then collapses onto the fire. Charlie Boy is thrown clear.


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